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Thank Offering

What is a Thank Offering? It is just that! Whenever we are thankful for something in our daily

lives and we want to thank God in a tangible way, we place a few coins in our Thank Offering

Barrel and pray a prayer of thanksgiving. This daily act of worship was established by Grace

Pierson, the founder of Churches of God Women’s Ministries (formerly known as Women’s

Christian Service Council) in 1954. The offering is then collected by local Women’s Ministry

groups the first Sunday in the month of May. Often times a special Women’s Ministries worship

service is presented by the women of the congregation. The offering is then sent to the regional

treasurer. The regional treasurer will send 60% of the Thank Offering to the General Conference

Women’s Ministries and the 40% remaining will be dispersed as decided by each region. As of

2017 there has been over 1 million dollars given through the Thank Offering.

                                          Thank Offering Distribution                  Thank Offering Distribution

                                                           May 2018                                                 May 2019

                                              Cross Cultural Ministries                Haiti Physical Therapy Students

                                                                30% .                                                          35%

                                                 Winebrenner Seminary                  Winebrenner Seminary Students     

                                                                20% .                                                          30%

                                           Transformational Ministries              Venezuela Bible School Students

                                                                17% .                                                           15%

                                                 Administrative Office                           School for Girls in India

                                                                10%                                                             20%          

                                                       New Churches                                 


                                        Communications and Technology


                                              The University of Findlay




Congregations should send their Thank Offering as a check to State/Regional CGWM treasurers

by June 30th. State/Regional CGWM treasurers should send a check for 60% of the total Thank

Offering donations to the General Conference CGWM Treasurer, Nancy Scott, by July 31st.









Thank Offering Barrels can be purchased from 

The Corner Store Christian Bookstore

004 Doubling Gap Road

Newville, PA 17241 

Contact Neva Barrick



Allegheny Region Treasurer
Annette Weiland
(814) 341-1100
425 Trout Road
Northern Cambria, pa 15714

Eastern Region Treasurer
Norma Klock
199 Anton Street
Bressler, PA 17113

Midwestern Region Treasurer
Elizabeth Hartman
309 Sunny St.
Mt. Carroll, IL 61053


Western Region Treasurer

David George

757 Maple Rd

Uniontown, KS 66779


Great Lakes Region Treasurer
Susan Fennig
617 N. Ash Street
Celina, OH 45822


California Eldership Treasurer 

Anita Burns 

P.O. Box 497

Wheatland CA 95692


National Treasurer:
Nancy Scott
1114 Circle Drive
Latrobe, PA 15650