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The Flourish Conference: It’s here!

March 2, 2019


The Flourish Conference is here!


We started with a little ice breaker (pictured above) and worship with the University of Findlay’s Revive worship band (pictured below).



Then, it was time to dive into our theme, “Just Open The Door,” with our speaker, Jen Schmidt.


Here are the highlights:

  • ”Jesus was the biggest drop-in guest. Think about Zaccheus ... think about Zaccheus’ wife!” 

  • “When we open our home, it’s a pretty vulnerable place to be.”

  • Entertaining is about us. Biblical hospitality says, “There you are! I’ve been waiting for you.”

  • If you are getting over stressed about hospitality, it’s a red flag that you are making it about you not the guest.

  • Hospitality is about being an image bearer to the Most High God and pointing others to him.

  • The five times the word “pursue” in the original language is used in the New Testament: pursue righteousness, love, peace, hospitality .... and persecution.

  • We’ve all been hurt with hospitality and relationships, tempting us to retreat into loneliness and refrain from pursuing hospitality, but aren’t we glad the Lord didn’t stop pursuing us?

  • Hospitality takes on a cruciform shape by pointing to the Lord and reaching out to others. Up to God, out to others.



Saturday will be another full day, and we will attempt to have an update here on the blog. Watch The Flourish Conference Facebook page for more photos, and check in with the #Flourish2019Doors hashtag to follow along.


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