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Working Hard and Resting Well

May 29, 2018




It's what we long for in our lives as we hear shouts of "Work harder!" in one ear, and whispers to "rest more" in the other. What if God's plan for us isn't just one way or the other?


Enter holy hustle - a lifestyle of working hard and resting well in ways that honor God.


If I could sit down with you and speak just one thing into your life it would be this: the work you do matters because God has assigned it to you. You are called to a life of faith in action - and you can do that as you keep small children alive, run meetings in boardrooms, deliver the mail, serve coffee, volunteer, teach, or create.


Holy Hustle is a book full of Scriptures that show us God’s heart for work and rest, stories from women of all ages and stages of life and careers, and my own story of how I followed the path to success as I climbed the corporate ladder - and did whatever I needed to earn the title I thought I deserved. It’s also the story of how God took all of it away and taught me a new definition of success through my failure.


Now I’m exploring "hustle" in a new light, and I want you to join me in experiencing...

  • renewed peace as we focus on serving, not striving

  • reawakened potential as we ditch comparison and embrace community

  • redefined purpose as we seek the roles God has for us


Hustle works 24/7, jogging along in high heels on busy city streets with a coffee in one hand, a phone in the other, ignoring everyone around her. She is ruthless about getting the job done and will do whatever it takes to make sure she shines brighter than the rest, even if it means pulling an all-nighter to finish another presentation or missing time with her family. Hustle believes she can do it on her own if she simply works harder, does more, says yes to everything. She doesn’t need anyone else to help her because she knows she has what it takes.


Holy takes long quiet walks in prayer labyrinths and devours books on soul-care, self-care, and grace. She wakes up early to spend no less than 30 minutes in her quiet-time chair, stocking up on scented candles and buying Bibles with extra wide margins for journaling. Holy doesn’t understand why Hustle can’t slow down and rest, and Hustle doesn’t understand why Holy seems to be missing the opportunity to serve her family and community through work.


What if there was another way to live? A place where we can find ourselves embracing the work God has given us while honoring His command to rest?


The message of holy hustle isn’t intended to pile on criticism, doubt, or anxiety. This message is meant to affirm, encourage, and challenge us—not to do more, but to live more.


The kind of hustle we’re talking about wants nothing to do with striving, working 24/7, ignoring our families, or doubting the impact we’ll have as we faithfully pursue our work. Holy hustle doesn’t put pressure on us to perform; it invites us to a deeper relationship with the only One who can turn our small offerings into great gifts.


You were created to work with enthusiasm for the right reasons—and you were also made with a need to rest. Discover the place where these two sides meet in holy hustle.



Crystal has a heart for encouraging women to live authentic lives, online and in real life and offers a unique perspective as a small-town writer who has learned from her internet community how to build real life community. Her heart to is to encourage, equip and inspire women of all ages to embrace a work hard, rest well lifestyle that honors God with their every day, small moment obedience. Her first book, “Holy Hustle: Embracing a Work Hard, Rest Well Lifestyle” releases June 5, 2018. You can connect with Crystal online at crystalstine.me, learn more about her book at holyhustlebook.com, or find her on Instagram @crystalstine.


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